Joining our Wondrous Band

The members of the Fraternity are constantly looking for men with a distinguished portfolio of professional achievement, community service, and personal development. Membership in Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity is by invitation only. In order to be considered for membership, interested men must submit an application packet for review by a team of members. The team members will exam  your qualifications, background and character.

The membership intake process is conducted by intake certified members whose principle task is to provide guidance and impart knowledge about the Fraternity to potentials who are selected to participate in the Membership Intake Process.  Additionally, the Membership Intake Team’s ultimate goal is to create a viable member through the instilment of a lifelong commitment to brotherhood, professional achievement and the thirst for service through individual and collective works.

Fraternity Highlights

Phi Beta Sigma was not the first fraternity to be founded, but we have been the first fraternity in the NPHC to accomplish many feats, such as inducting a U.S. President and chartering a chapter in Africa
Our membership includes many notable members, including NFL Defensive End George Selvie, Former U.S. President Bill Clinton, Rev. Al Sharpton, Actor Terrance Howard and Grammy Award–winning singer Bobby Jones.
Phi Beta Sigma members having held significant roles in the Niagara Movement, the Harlem Renaissance, the Chicago Renaissance, the Civil Rights Movement, the Pro-Black Radical Movement, the Million Man March and the election of President Barack Obama, the fraternity has left an indelible cultural imprint on America for centuries to come.

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How do I become/remain active?

We need active, engaged members. We need you! It’s as simple as paying your 2015 dues.
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