I Am My Brother’s Keeper

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., in keeping with its commitment to President Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper Initiative, proudly introduces its I Am My Brother’s Keeper program for 2014-15. Through this program, the Fraternity will adopt a 10-point agenda to address issues impacting men of color in our communities.

Through the I Am My Brother’s Keeper Initiative, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. will:

  1. Unveil the Sigma Beta Club’s experiential learning curriculum, Rise and Thunder, during the Congressional Black Caucus. This program is designed to help African-American youth realize their full potential in life.
  2. Increase the membership of participants in the youth auxiliary program, Sigma Beta, by 20% by 2015.
  3. Educate 10,000 African American males on the essentials of being engaging and effective mentors to African-American youth, while successfully establishing relationships that will increase community awareness of the potential of our youth and the power of diversity.
  4. Target Congressional leaders in at least 10 states to support the following legislation:
    • National Criminal Background Check System
    • Repeal the Gun Show Loophole Firearm Owners Protection Act of 1986
  5. Train and educate 5000 men in the March of Dimes curriculum Building Strong Fathers
  6. Adopt at least 100 schools throughout the United States, with the purpose of building student literacy and encouraging the student population to work towards closing the academic & achievement gaps that currently exist.
  7. Provide $1,000,000 in scholarships to men of color
  8. Sponsor two job fairs throughout the country, providing employment opportunities and training to men of color.
  9. Sponsor a Business Expo at Phi Beta Sigma’s 2015 Conclave in Little Rock, Arkansas, exposing small businesses and employers to at least 10,000 consumers and job seekers throughout the nation.
  10. Secure state, federal, corporate and private funding and partnerships to support I Am My Brother’s Keeper, particularly in the following manners:
    • Entrepreneurial Development of African-American males
    • Alternative Sanction Programs for Juvenile Offenders
    • Sigma Beta Club Programming
    • Disparaging Drop-out rates of our young men of color
    • Technology for security in and around our schools to curb gun violence
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